Città di Castello

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River Tiber trail


The River Tiber trail is about twenty kilometres long and starts in Città di Castello at the Ponte sul Tevere. This is where the Canoe Club operates and it is possible to go canoeing here with the help of experts. The traill is fairly easy and people of all ages can use it. Quite a lot is in the shade (the level of the river varies according to the season and the rainfall). From the starting point on the Ponte sul Tevere we can admire the old town, the walls and the bell towers.

The trail goes past several small villages – Lerchi, Piosina, Giove and when we get to Selci we meet another trial that goes as far as Pitigliano. It is called the “Percorso di Plinio” or Pliny’s trail. The trial finishes at the bridge near Pistrino and from there we can walk along the road to San Giustino and admire the Castelli Bufalini. Going on past Celalba we come to Pitigliano where archeologists have discovered Pliny’s villa. Here we can choose to follow Pliny’s Trial back to the river or head for Lama and go through the foothills to Grumale and Badiali. Here we find the new hospital and Città di Castello stretches out below us. If we then go down Via Angelini and Viale Bologni we get back into town.