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9/15/2021 Gal Alta Umbria Città di Castello

the exhibition on Raphael - Pinacoteca, October 30 / January 9, 2022.

The start of the exhibition “Raffaello giovane e il suo sguardo”, curated by Marika Mercalli and Laura Teza, initially scheduled on September 18 in the Pinacoteca, has been postponed to October 30, 2021. In a note, the curators and the Municipality explain that the date has been “updated due to the greater obligations envisaged for the logistics of the set-ups”. “We did not want to give up the exhibition – continues the note – despite the many difficulties that it implies to organize it during a pandemic. However, this has led to a change of date in order to conclude the entire network of procedures related to contacts with museums and the transport of works, some outside Italy but also outside the EU and the adaptation of the museum that will host the exhibition, with a new installation both permanent and temporary. We kept the date of September 18 symbolically: it was the date we had chosen and that we tried to keep until the end. It will serve as a preview of the event and the restoration of the Banner of Raphael, one of the great activities related to the exhibition”. At the Teatro degli Illuminati – safely – the curators will present a preview of the details of the exhibition and the restoration of the Banner, the guiding image of the exhibition itself. The Marietta Alboni choir will present a preview of the video “Our Raphael”. Event and videos will be broadcast live on Facebook. (ANSA).