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Obiettivi su Burri

3/18/2019 Gal Alta Umbria Città di Castello

Photographers and photo portraits - Alberto Burri from 1957 to 1993 - at the Ex Seccatoi, Via F. Pierucci - until January 6th, 2020.

In 2015, for the Alberto Burri's centenary celebrations of  birth, a peak of the Maestro's international popularity, the"12 March" exhibition , his birth day, began in the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco Museum. This year, with "Obiettivi su Burri - Photographs and photortracts of Alberto Burri from 1957 to 1993"exhibition , Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Burri Collection has conceived and realized, by Bruno Corà, an event that not only recalls Burri, but also , for the first time, performs a comprehensive survey of the major and most frequent professionals in photography who have portrayed him in different moments and circumstances of his life. The portraits, starting from the fifties, in which Burri began to consolidate his artistic career, scrutinize and fix in prints of great intensity and historical value, expressions, actions, places, acquaintances, habits and solitary moments of the great artist for whom painting represented a choice of life and a radical and uncompromising commitment to the authenticity of one's own poetic vocation. In this exhibition, other 2,300 square meters of new museum spaces will be open to the public at the Ex Seccatoi, where, in addition to the planned event, future initiatives aimed at deepening the study and knowledge of Burri's work will take place. and his influence on contemporary art. Among many professional photographers there are photo works by Aurelio Amendola, Gabriele Basilico, Giorgio Colombo, Vittor Ugo Contino, Plinio De Martiis, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Mimmo Jodice, Giuseppe Loy, Ugo Mulas, Josephine Powell, Sanford H. Roth, William Sandberg, Federico Scianna, Michael A. Vaccaro, André Villers, Sandro Visca, Arturo Zavattini and others. A catalog will be edited by the Foundation which, in addition to collecting the most significant images of selected photographers, will host essays and critical contributions by Bruno Corà, Aldo Iori, Rita Olivieri and Chiara Sarteanesi, as well as biographies of photographers, written by Greta Boninsegni. The exhibition will open on March 12, 2019, and remain open throughout the summer. Guided tours and a series of lectures on the work of some of the photographers who have worked closely with the Master are scheduled. For information: Palazzo Albizzini Foundation Burri Collection 075 8554649