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6/20/2019 Gal Alta Umbria Città di Castello

THE ON-LINE TICKET OFFICE IS OPEN - | the 52nd Edition, August 25, September 7 - Guest: People's Republic of ChinaInternational Chamber Music Festival – The 52nd edition – August 25, September 7 – Guest: People’s Republic of China -


Info: Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Via Marconi, 8 – Tel. 075 8521142 – fax 075 8552461:


The 52nd edition of Festival delle Nazioni is dedicated to China, and to its musical culture, scheduled from Sunday 25th August to Saturday 7th September, 2019. With a tribute to this country – through a program of twenty main shows and numerous initiatives collateral that will take place, as usual, in Città di Castello’s artistic places and some of the most suggestive villages of the Upper Tiber Valley – the Festival comes out again from the borders of Europe, a few years after the highly successful edition dedicated to Armenia, to pay tribute to the People’s Republic of China in conjunction with the seventieth anniversary of his birth. The tribute to China will be a musical journey from the ancient atmospheres of Beijing to the best artistic expressions of the contemporary Chinese and European panorama, which will see the presence of authoritative artists, emerging talents and unpublished productions. Two orchestral ensembles: the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lin Daye and the Orchestra of Tuscany led by Hong Yin, piano soloists Jieni Wan and Francesco Libetta. Among the chamber music groups – the prestigious presence of the European Chinese Chamber Orchestra stands out – which will open the event, also of the violinist Ning Feng with the pianist Nicholas Rimmer and the two Chinese musicians Fu Wanying and Fu Yidan, who will propose traditional music on original instruments with a pictorial creation performed by An Pei. The solo on piano this year will be entrusted to the Chinese Sa Chen. In the context of contemporary languages, Stefano Bollani is highly anticipated with the Napoli Trip project; but also the concert dedicated to Salvatore Sciarrino, with the Ensemble Suono Giallo: the program includes the first absolute performance of a composition for flute, performed by the soloist Matteo Cesari. Two will be the original productions of the Festival delle Nazioni at the debut: a show by Caterina Casini and Alessandro Stella freely taken from the Good soul of the Sezuan by Bertolt Brecht, with world premiere music by Antonio Gioia; and, «futuristic fairy tale» with libretto, music and sound direction by Perugian composer Raffaele Sargenti. Among the special projects, moreover, the reconstruction of a Beijing Jesuit Mass by the ensemble XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade, directed by Jean-Christophe Frisch, with a tifernate choir group instructed by Marcello Marini and Alessandro Bianconi will be of great charm. ; while David Riondino and LaReverdie will propose a musical journey in the footsteps of Marco Polo in the Milione or The Book of Wonders; and again, Few events, absolute happiness, a dramaturgy by Maria Grazia Calandrone on music by Clara and Robert Schumann, on the bicentenary of Clara’s birth, with actress Gaia De Laurentiis. Even the young talents will be protagonists, in different chamber ensembles: the duo of the flutist Lorenzo Grittani and the pianist Maurizio Zaccaria; the trio composed by Sara Pastine on the violin, Giulia Contaldo on the piano and Giovanni Punzi on the clarinet; the opera singers perfected at the higher education courses of the Luciano Pavarotti Theater in Modena; the Youth Orchestra and Chorus of the Educational Music Itineraries project; finally the finalists of the third national competition Alberto Burri, and the Caravaggio Piano Quartet, winner of the last edition of the award and, in these days announced winner of the Piero Farulli Prize in the Premio Franco Abbiati 2019. Finally, the dance will not be missing with a tribute to Nijinskiij staged by the EgriBiancoDanza Company. Giuliano Giuman is the artist to whom the Festival delle Nazioni has commissioned the conception of the image that represents the homage to China: “Red can be considered the Chinese national color and symbolizes happiness, luck, love – explains the master of Perugia – . Taking a cue from this, I imagined and realized a very simple poster, but I think effective, from an aesthetic point of view. The ideograms in the upper right mean, in Chinese, the word “music”. Those below, outside the framework, are the translation of “homage to China”. To open the 52nd Festival of Nations will be the concert of the European Chinese Chamber Orchestra, that is the group formed by some of the best instrumentalists of Chinese origin who, engaged in leading roles with the most important European and Western musical institutions, have decided to come together to perform classical and Chinese music programs together in chamber music. Coming from orchestras such as the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, the Münchner Philharmoniker, the Philharmonia Zürich, just to name a few, the ensemble composed by Xiaoming Wang and Qi Zhou at the violins, Wen Xiao Zh Info: Associazione Festival delle Nazioni Via Marconi, 8 – Tel. 075 8521142 – fax 075 8552461 programma: