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8/27/2019 Gal Alta Umbria Città di Castello

Art Exhibit | "La via della Stampa" | Fine Art Exhibition - Mostra d'Arte. Until November 27. Grifani Donati Typography - Corso Cavour, 4 – Old Town

Until November 27


Grifani Donati Typography, Corso Cavour 4 – Old Town

mobile 3333232573


Gianni Ottaviani: A native son of Citta di Castello, an extrovert with a keen sense of observation. He is an artist in the technology of reproduction, with typography in his DNA. He was born amidst deafening rhythms, and the smell of paper, ink and machinery, and with paints never out of his hands. He is the great Maestro. A skilled lithographer and fine xylographer.

Giampaolo Tomassetti: A very refined and generous artistic soul. A deep and eclectic human being. He is the son of many worlds and his art knows no boundaries. Ranges between sculpture, painting, lithograph and murales always creating new visual stories tying mythology and feelings.

Alex Koban: Austrian publicist, the first to use digital paint programs in Italy, even before the advent of Adobe Photoshop. He has lived for ever in Milan and has always had a passion for art and design. A driven creative and a great observer of the world around him, he hits the target with sensitivity and irony.

Isabella Bianchi Michiel: Milanese by birth, Venetian by origin, she has the ability to express herself not only with the brush but also with the pen. A woman of colours who loves stories and who knows how to tell them through moments of light, fragments of hours and gold, with fleeting gestures and glances that last a moment. Maybe just a second.

Junjie Lai: Chinese from Canton a young, creative and promising graduate of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, integrated artistically in Europe with deep roots in China too.