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Saint Florido Fair

11/6/2019 Gal Alta Umbria Città di Castello

November 15, 16 and 17 - Old Town

Saint Florido Fair, together with that of Saint Bartholomew, has a very ancient origin. This latter included Palios, Roundabouts, Tournaments and popular games, while that of Saint Florido had mostly a religious connotation. In 1576 the Saint Bartholomew Fairs were fixed on November, on the Saint Florido feast day, reducing the duration from six to three days, without losing importance and popularity. In 1934, in conjunction with Saint Florido Fair, a mule exhibition was established which in 1969 will become the National Horse Show, still one of the most important national initiatives in the sector. Crafts and typical gastronomic products of the territory are presented; in the parking spots of Viale Europa, an exhibition of agricultural vehicles and machines is also held.