Città di Castello

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Bike riding
Represent the meeting point between cyclists and bikers more evolved. Preferably to deal with mtb with suspension fork and require a certain level of training.

Fact Sheet
Start and finish: Città di Castello
Distance: 32.2 km
Difference in altitude: 730 meters
Difficulty: medium
Road surface: 55% dirt, 45% asphalt
What to see: Città di Castello, Bocca Seriola, San Giustino, Terme di Fontecchio, Sanctuary of Belvedere

This route starts from the cycling track of City of Castle, not far from the historic center, and after touching the Terme di Fontecchio up through the woods towards Bocca Seriola, Mount Smoking and the Umbria-Marche Apennines in a charming and quiet.

The course is basically divided into two parts, the first mainly uphill, the second to pull all downhill. The real ascent begins after the Terme di Fontecchio and more than 10 kilometers in length, but apart from a short stretch of 300 meters (12.7 km from face after passing the village of Fraccano) might not be very challenging slopes .

Once started from the cycling track we move through a variety of round towards Fano, at kilometer 1.8, however, continue to the right towards the center of Città di Castello and the cemetery turn left to reach the Terme di Fontecchio (km 5.2), where the dirt road begins (who does not want to deal with too much asphalt and want to shorten the course can be started directly from here).

Immediately after the baths also begins the climb slopes with very regular door to more than 800 meters of Monte Penna: it is a smooth ascent, with very few technical sections and which can also be overcome by less fit provided that dealt with the right pace, because it allows to gain height without particular effort.

At km 15.5 you reach the Monte Penna where you turn left and start going up and down on a spectacular mountain ridge that allows you to enjoy fantastic views of both the Marche on Umbria.

At kilometer 17.4, passed a tear challenging, turn left and then immediately right starting to descend into the valley. The descent is fast but not particularly challenging, but less practical must still pay attention.

After a small ford, at kilometer 21.6 the descent becomes sweeter as the valley opens up and the road runs in a natural and unspoiled. At kilometer 24 back on the asphalt, but still far from the traffic and continue to fall slightly towards the valley of fields planted with sunflowers and wheat. Keep to the right at kilometer 28.5, while after 500 meters turn left to return to the round faced at the beginning of the path. From here, in a short time but paying attention to traffic more intense, we return to the starting point without any problems.


Do not miss
 Do not miss the center of Città di Castello, one of the most important cities in Umbria and benchmark the Upper Tiber Valley, characterized by a charming atmosphere made up of elegant Renaissance architecture, courtyards, loggias and noble palaces. To visit the monumental Cathedral of the XI century, the churches of Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria delle Grazie, St. Francis and St. Dominic.

Do not miss the Art Gallery which houses masterpieces by Raphael, Luca Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, Raffaellino del Colle and Pomarancio.

Nearby worth visiting the oratory of San Creswell in Morra, in which are readable some beautiful frescoes by Luca Signorelli (the Flagellation and the Crucifixion), the Parish of Suede, the sanctuary of Belvedere (you meet along the way) , the abbey of Badia Petroia, a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture, the villa Montesca, surrounded by a park full of rare botanical species.